Monday, October 22, 2007

Myself and Stir Fry

I'm sort of a grammar snob. Well, a grammar snob wanna-be. This is said knowing full well that my knowledge of grammer SUX. I aspire to be one of those uber-eloquent writers that know how to show emphasis without 10 exclamation points, or to show true emotion without the use of emoticons!!

Unfortunately, I'll just be me---my silly, chatty self with I'm sure below average grammar skills, but with things that just ANNOY THE HELL out of me. Mainly the word 'myself'. How in the world did this word evolve into something used in daily conversation? How did 'myself' replace good old fashioned 'me'?? It happens in meetings and e-mails EVERYWHERE. "if you have any questions, please see Mr. Jones or myself'. The absolute incorrect use of this word sends me into orbit. So, please....STOP USING IT.

I was reading a fave blog recently, and made a comment to her, and embarrassed myself (now THIS is a correct usage) to no end. The blogger mentioned words, and proper usage, and grammar......and I was telling of a faux pas that I made and spelled it 'faux paux'---I even GOOGLED it before using it to make sure I sounded as intelligent as I wanted to, and guess what??? SOMEONE spells 'faux pas" as 'faux paux', cause I found more than ONE reference on google. Talk about being mortified. How can one backpedal away from THAT mistake that everyone in the world can read?

Anyway, as you all will learn, I love to cook. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. I made chicken stir-fry last night, and was oh-so disappointed. I just can't master the stir fry. I attempt to cook the veggies to that 'crisp-tender' stage, and I try to get the chicken browned--I use sesame oil as a seasoning, and lots of asian-ish ingredients to make a sauce.......and what do I end up with? A steaming mess of flaccid veggies and very unbrown looking chicken. I am MISSING something......I can't use fish sauce because Mr. Perfectly would be very displeased--fish in any form is highly offensive to him. But I used, soy, wine, a touch of vinegar, a touch of brown sugar, garlic etc to TRY for the perfect sauce, and I'm failing.

Mr. Perfectly liked it and oldest son liked it, but it was very un-satisfying to me. It just tasted like chicken and veggies in sauce. Not inedible, but certainly not up to par with some of the other things I cook.

If anyone has any suggestions for fabulous stir-fry, bring-em on!!


Jak said...

Me myself...aha aha aha....can not get past the usage of the word flaccid. I'm sorry...

I know you and most anyone who knows me, has this illusion that I do not cook (which is truly not the case...I have made a choice NOT to cook) but could it possible be your cookware?

Anonymous said...

Me would wonder if it would have been this way years ago, if there would have been a hit song from the Sound of Music. Myself, a name I call me.

Do re myself fa so la ti do

Not the same ring to it.

ejteach said...

Do you stir fry the chicken first, until it's no longer pink, and then remove it from the pan? You aren't stir-frying it all together, are you? I do the chicken first, then remove it to a plate. Then, I quickly stir-fry the veggies, then add the chicken back in & any sauce ingredients and cook the whole thing together for only a couple of minutes. It turns out pretty well!

Perfectly Shelly said...

ej, yes, I do stir fry each type of item differently (onions/peppers shorter time than carrots....) the meat is probably done in too big of batches, and it steams instead of getting color....My family likes it, it just isnt' as satisfying to me as restaurant food.