Monday, October 1, 2007

Dear Football Fans:

I appreciate your enthusiasm for the game, but might I offer some suggestions?

1. Please stop screaming at the referees. They are the authority figure here, and really don't CARE what it is you have to offer;

2. Stop disparaging every other kid making mistakes BUT YOUR OWN;

3. If you are the parent/grandparent/guardian of smaller children, don't allow them to encroach on others in the stands, such as drooling over my nachos, swinging the extra large jacket of yours that they are wearing in my face, or practicing the singing of their ABC’s in my left ear. Oh, and please tell them not to do the uber high pitched scream that only a 5 yr old can accomplish when there is NOTHING to be screaming about!

Please teach children PRIOR to coming to a public event, like a football game, that loudly expelling LETHAL smelling gas is not acceptable, or that the kids shouldn’t discuss amongst themselves how if one of them decided to KILL someone that he’d only go to ‘juvie’ which is different than jail.

Thanks so much for your time,


1 comment:

Jakki said...

Well, gee. Make me feel special. I can't talk since I scream, quite loudly I must say at most ref's and for the record, my son does NOT make mistakes...LOL. But I understand where you getting your thoughts from. Sigh..sad to say, the world doesn't think like we do.