Thursday, November 1, 2007


Yes, I'm a Halloween scrooge.

In reading my 'inspire-to-be-blog', Mamalogues, she brought up a very interesting topic of Halloween, and the neighbors who chose to keep their homes dark and not participate.

Although, in a different town ALTOGETHER, I chose and have for many years to NOT do the Halloween thing. I don't feel like I ripped off my neighbors--I don't feel like I deprived anyone of a fabulous time. Instead, I feel like I saved my own sanity.

My dogs, for one thing, would not have dealt well with Halloween. It wouldn' t help to crate them, they'd still bark and try to kill themselves to escape. But mostly, it's a matter of principal. I think it's a horrifying tradition to take vans of kids to neighborhoods, and let them 'have at it'. They are unsupervised, as the parents drop them off at one end of a street and just drive to the end of the block to pick them up. It's a free for all and everyone just wants CANDY. It's not a tradition, or a neighborhood fun time......It's 'let's see how much candy we can gather in a couple of hours' and go home and devour it, then sue someone if I get sick!!! Oh, the fun.

If my family and friends want to come by, I do keep candy on hand, and would welcome them to show off their kids......I certainly did my own, but I don't want to participate in what seems like glorified looting---It's a disgusting display of excess, and poor manners.

I'd LOVE to hear your stories.............agree or not----what do YOU think?

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