Thursday, October 4, 2007

Wine Whine

I really, REALLY want to like and know wine, but it seems like SO much work! My palate is unsophisticated and I don't understand terms like tannins and hints of cedar and citrus.......I mean it's wine! It tastes like wine!

I'm a sweet wine drinker. I feel like a pariah among 'real' wine drinkers. My favorite winery is Adam Puchta Winery (, and I've read some of their tutorial (Wine 101) and still don't get 'it'. I just know I like it.....Mr. Perfectly, Perfectly's Dad and I went to a local festival last weekend and for the very first time EVER, I tried a wine that had a distinctive taste to me...I didn't like it, either. It was rather embarrassing to be greedily looking at the pretty, red, fizzy wine she was pouring for me, exclaiming to Mr. Perfectly "oh, I'll LIKE this" then turn my nose up at it. I explained that I didn't like it as I expected, thinking the girl would at least take my glass and what was left of my sample, but she didn't. She did, however pour me a sample of the sweeter WHITE---same result. Yuk. So here I had 2 small gulps of wine left in each cup, so what's a girl to do? I tossed them back!!

On to the next booth, and THEY had wine samples as well (my kind of festival!!). I was familiar with this winery as it was a Missouri winery too(St. James Winery), and we'd purchased some of their wines, as well as the in-laws purchasing it for themselves and giving us bottles. Anyway, I tried their blackberry wine and their Vignoles--MUCCHHH better--but they weren't selling it by the glass. I wasn't quite prepared to carry a bottle around town with me, so I refrained. What a site that would have made..Mr. Perfectly and Perfectly's Dad walking around with me in tow--a bottle of Blackberry wine in one hand and a deep fried Oreo in the other.

Anyway, it surprised me that I could tell such a taste difference. But I wouldn't have been able to identify WHY I didn't like the one.....I think tannin refers to something with red wine, and although I tried a red, since it was fizzy, I doubt it would be sophisticated enough for tannins.....I guess it could have been musky, but who knows......I sure didn't want more.

Is it so wrong to likeLambrusco and Arbor Mist? A white zinfandel if at a 'nice' restaurant?? I feel like I'm compared to the 'Stag' drinkers vs. the cool microbrewery connoisseurs!! (Note to self; stop laughing at the redneck beer swiller jokes).

I'm going to Teenie's (BFF one) 'girls weekend'. She's a dry wine drinker, so I usually avoid the wine at her house--THAT'S what Cosmo's are for!!

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jakki said...

Arbour Mist all the way baaaaaabyyyyy...umm excuse me, that came out of nowhere....ahem... I can agree with your thoughts, I would like to be able to be somewhere and order a glass and not have the silent chirp chirp moment of 'no she did NOT ask for Sweetly Sinful???'