Thursday, May 27, 2010

This post promises to be even more random than normal

OMG you all!! I have SOOOOOO much to talk about, yet none of it is really any big deal. I don’t know EVEN where to start.

Okay, we’ll start with Moving. It sucks. I hate it. We have half of our stuff at the farm and half in the old house….that is filthy and awful right now. I’ve lost my underwear (I can’t say panties, because I wear the granny ones….and those are UNDERWEAR). I have a few pair that I have to wash a lot, but my regular drawer full of choices is GONE. So, who knows where it’ll turn up. We lost money too….and found it in a garbage bag. Maybe my unders are there, too!

I have boxes everywhere, and am losing steam to get them unpacked. We’ve got so much to do that it isn’t even funny anymore. There is really no rush, except in my head….because I want it DONE…..but I don’t WANT to do it….it’s a bizarre state of affairs right now.

Oh, and I was FRUGAL earlier this week. Maybe farming will make me that way. I wanted to make a stir fry recipe and didn’t have any chicken breast. The store had BONE-IN chicken breasts on sale for .99 a POUND, so that was far more economical. I bought a couple of packages and went home and began butchering. I cut away the breast meat from the bones (well most of it….I am not a very good butcher) and threw the rest into a baking pan with onions and pepper parts and asparagus ends and ROASTED the bones to make STOCK. I boiled the stock and put it into 5 freezer containers for future use. THEN we took the boiled bones/skin down to the barn for the cats to snack on. Oh, and I used my fresh herbs that I harvested from my herb garden to flavor the stock. I am like PIONEER WOMAN or something!

Then on Tuesday night I had an embarrassing moment. I wanted to watch Idol. The last couple of weeks, I’ve not watched as much and just read who was kicked off….and watched highlights and so on. But I was tired and wanted to relax. I turned on the humongous television that was left for us and pulled up the ‘guide’. I typed in AMERICAN IDOL and it told me what channel it was on. As I was looking at the guide I realized the Glee was on (duh…how could I forget GLEE???). I tried to turn the channel, and it said ‘no subscription for this channel’. OMFG. No glee? I can live without AI, but GLEE? No freaking way. I called Direct TV to find out how much a new package would cost so I could see Glee. THAT NIGHT.

The customer service lady pointed out, while chuckling at me, that we probably had a local FOX affiliate. I asked her to look and tell me the channel. Whew. I had it after all. She thought I was nuts for not wanting to miss Glee. Mr. Schuester is HOT you guys. Hotty Mc Hot!! Take a look at this photo…..WHO KNEW that under his teacher-esque wardrobe of Glee that Matthew Morrison looked like THIS?? Yowza. Then they showed previews from next week’s Glee episode and he’s trying to ‘fake’ seduce Sue Sylvester (if you don’t’ watch the show, then you won’t understand how funny that is). And let me tell you…….YUMMY. Can’t wait.

So, that about wraps up my week. Moving, frugality, lusting after Mr. Schuester and I’m tired. Oh, during the move, my special lady time arrived. That could be the reason for the crazy setting in this week, to!

Although, I have to say. Mr. P and Son #2 worked themselves to the BONE last Saturday to move us. They worked HARD y’all. Somehow they didn’t get the crazy like I did. I know they are more tired than me, but I’m still gonna say it. I’m tired. My knees and feet hurt, and I don’t know where to put shit. I JUST DON’T KNOW!! I just want it magically done. Can someone arrange that for me?

Have a good weekend, Internets! I need to work (like at my job) and obsess about moving and Matthew Morrison some more.

Toodles for now!!


Kate said...

I pretend that Glee is on Wednesday nights and then I watch in online with "limited commercial interruption" on hulu. Because 1. I don't have a working television and 2. I have no patience for commercials. It's like heaven.

And when I move, I dump all the boxes (serious, just dump them) in the middle of the living room floor so that I have to LOOK AT IT ALL THE TIME until I do something about it.

MsDarkstar said...

I have never lived ANYWHERE, EVER that I ever got "done" unpacking. Well, in my adult life anyhow. Actually, once I started it all with 3 years of boarding school and the whole "acquiring stuff" thing... yeah...

Plus, in an apartment, there just isn't ROOM for my stuff...

I figure I need a house with a bedroom, an office, a large kitchen, a workroom (for the bath stuff), a guest bedroom, an actual livingroom and a diningroom. And at least 1.5 bathrooms. And a pool. Even a 1 lane lap pool (indoors) would be lovely.

dingo said...

Kate is right, Glee on Hulu rocks. No commercials and you replay the songs over and over and over again until your hubby asks you to put on headphones.

daisee579 said...

I have a DVR and am now addicted to it. (yes, I spend money on something that works a lot like a VCR, which I already own and costs me nothing. I'm ridiculous). Anyway, I come home to find all kinds of fun stuff on there, like GLEEEEEE. And to think, I didn't like it all that much at first and almost stopped watching!

Mr. Shu is MY age in real life. Yet, I make a FRACTION of his salary and don't look nearly that hot. And yes. He is H.O.T. hot.