Tuesday, May 4, 2010

She's a Beauty

She's one in a Million Girls!!

Well, Internets.......Son #2's truck got hit. He wasn't in it, thankfully. He was in weightlifting. I got the COOLEST phone call. A cell phone number that I didn't recognize right off hand called, and I answered (you know....one of the kids) and son #2's girlfriend was on the phone.

She was quite tentative at first saying "I really don't' know how to tell you this"...and I'm thinking that something happened with her and #2 or something. She was calling to tell me that she was going to put her things in his truck, while waiting for him to get out of weightlifting, and realized that someone had hit his truck. She was trying so hard to explain the scenario.......I couldn't wrap my mind around it.......where he was parked, etc.

As it turned out, he parked in a completely different place. He didn't go into school until around 11 am because he had strep. He had to wait 24 hours on antibiotics to go in. So he couldn't find a place to park.

Anyway---girlfriend was calling me....the MOM to tell me about the accident. That #2 didn't know about it, that the police were being called, and what should she do?

I can't tell you how impressed I am by this. Many girls AND buddies would just stand there slack jawed, with their fingers up their nose wondering....'dude....wow' or something. Girlfriend was level-headed and awesome to think to let me know. I was able to get there, talk to the police and the parent of the other car driver, and get things figured out. #2 was even able to finish his lifting session!

So, back to my post of a couple of weeks ago.....don't give teens a bad rap. Some of them are smart, funny, level headed, kind and thoughtful. Some teens are confident and care enough about things to call a parent.

Girlfriend is always a pleasure to have around. She's not shy around us, she's not embarrassed when #2 is driving to call us and tell us their plans or to keep us abreast of plans.

It's a pleasure to know responsible teens. Hat's off to Girlfriend!

Now, for the details. He had to park on a street space which is under a parking lot with a hill. A car rolled down the hill and hit him in the passenger side door. Hard. The girl tried to stop the vehicle, and it rolled over her. She wasn't injured badly, but was pretty scraped up.

Here's a diagram that I made in Paint.net. No laughs or anything. I can't sign my own name or make a stick figure, so deal with it!! Seriously, a young child could do better than this.+

The blue car came backwards down the hill and hit his burgundy/tan truck.

So, now we have a damaged truck. Just after we got the drive shaft fixed. If the insurance company totals it, then we are S.O.L. he won't have transportation and it will suck. SUCK.

I'd like to point out that I was grousing over the financial stuff....and Ms. Darkstar reminded me that a broken truck can be fixed but a broken kid is hard to mend. So, thanks a ton Ms. D for putting my woes into perspective. I needed that.

So, two posts in a day from Perfectly!

Hope the evening is easier than the afternoon.....oh and thanks to Girlfriend. She made this SO much better!!

Toodles for now.


stoogepie said...

Where is the girl in the artist's depiction of the accident? I expected a little bit o' sexy.

And are you sure a professional artist from the insurance company didn't draw that diagram? Because it looks pretty professional to me. That hill is far too green to have been drawn by an amateur, and the building has a perfectly brown exterior. You can even see the antenna on the back of the car.

Anyways, shouldn't the car owner's insurance company pay for your truck whether it is totaled or not? There really isn't any way they can say it wasn't their fault. I mean, not only was Son #2 all sweaty and nowhere in sight when it happened, but there were also two saints near enough to the accident to witness it, according to the diagram.

Daisee579 said...

Oh how Stoogie makes me laugh :)

I'm glad everyone was okay. In a weird coincidence, this happened to my sister very recently. But she was the girl who's car rolled into someone else's parked car. Come to think of it, her car is blue....hmm, wonder if she was up in MO instead of Memphis??!!

Perfectly Shelly said...

Oh, yes. A PRO rendered the accident scene depiction! A pro.....*giggle*

The problem IS that if they total the truck then there will be a salvage title issued for it, and ultimately son #2 won't have a vehicle, and OF COURSE.....we can't afford at this point and time in life to pay for another car. it just sucks is all.

Thankfully nobody was seriously hurt.