Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Daisy Duke is IN DA HOUSE!!!

Well. Remember when I talked about Perfectly Dad’s farm here? Well, it’s about to be Mr. P and Perfectly’s farm!! Well, not exactly the whole farm, but the house that sits on the farm. I KNOW!! Perfectly will be a farmer! Yep……Elly May here.

My dad has had this farm for 15 years. My whole life I heard him talk about wanting a farm. There are cattle on it…..a hay field…..a garden! However, he has purchased a house in my city and has moved back to town. He doesn’t want to give up his farm completely. He knows how much Mr. Perfectly loves to putter around the farm, so he suggested in January that maybe Mr. P and I buy the house and maybe 10 acres or so of yard/land and do the day to day stuff to deal with the cows, and he could still be a ‘gentleman farmer’ and come out on weekends and help during really busy times…..hay time……etc.

Mr. P is beside himself with excitement. He loves the solitary time at the farm. He’s not a terribly socially active person and prefers to hang out with just family----so this farm thing is totally for him!!

The house is actually bigger than our current house. It’s a ranch style home, built in the 1980’s, so it’s a little newer than the one we live in now. I am guessing it’s around 1700-1800 square feet. Here’s the thing. It’s ALL ON ONE LEVEL….come on ladies… KNOW how awesome that is! No more lugging groceries, or laundry!! We will have 2 full bathrooms for the first time ever----and the master bath? ……DRUMROLL PLEASE……… is as big as our current BEDROOM is! Can you IMAGINE? It has a 60 gal Jacuzzi tub-----it’s round, and is set into the floor---not just a Jacuzzi tub that looks like a tub….this is like a SPA tub or something. The kitchen is HUGE (by my standards) and was remodeled several years ago…with custom cabinetry! There is a 20x20 (roughly) family room with a fireplace.

Now, this may put a crimp in my social life. The farm is 25 miles away from Jefferson City. I won’t be able to just ‘run’ to the grocery, or just ‘run’ to do something with Teenie or Jakki. It will require a little more planning, which is something I don’t do well. However, the pros far outweigh this potential ‘crimp’ and I’ll have so much more room that more people can maybe visit me and we won’t have to go ‘out’.

We will take this kind of slow……my current house needs A L O T of work. A lot. It will get remodeled and eventually sold. So there is no ‘closing’ or deadline to get every thing out and clean and what not. We can be more leisurely about that.

However, I’m beginning to get more emotional than I thought. I think of the stereotypical moving day/days. You get a bunch of family and friends together to move. Your family and friends are cussing you because they don’t WANT to help you move, but dammit someone had helped THEM move before so they are obligated. The people moving are stressed, everyone tries to be polite, but dread the day, and end it with beer and pizza…..right? I don’t have anyone. My family (except dad) lives in Iowa. I have a very small group of friends…..and one will be on vacation and another lives in Iowa, too! Who does one call to help? I’ve unfortunately been a little weepy over that today. I’m sure Freud or someone who understands the psyche would explain that my weepiness is due to other factors……like MOVING, but manifesting itself into something different. My oldest son has been such a downer lately, and doesn’t want to be in the same ROOM with us, so I don’t even know if I can count on him. It makes me so freaking sad. I’ve always wanted a huge social network, and it’s not meant to be I guess. So, me, Mr. P and son #2 at least will plug along and start the moving process. Hopefully son #1 will jump on board, too.

And y’all thought my goat and chicken posts were odd, huh? I actually have a place to PUT them should I want to! I am fortunate to have such an awesome dad that it will afford me the luxury of moving to a bigger, newer house. How exciting!!

Here are some photos taken w/ a cell phone, so sorry for lack of clarity.

I will admit that the 'style' of decor is a little dated....and not my style, HOWEVER, that can be changed in time, so no making fun of emerald green and copious amounts of wallpaper and paneling people......2 FULL it?

Toodles for now


Teresa said...

Looks and sounds like an awesome opportunity! Moving to the country is good for your soul. It is an adjustment when it comes to shopping and eating out, but it's well worth it. Enjoy!

Daisee579 said...

Wow congrats Shelly!! The house is adorable, and you're going to love that big kitchen. Don't worry about the wallpaper or the green - that'll change when you're ready for it. We had this awful PEELING wallpaper in the house we're renting. At least this all looks in good shape. Congrats - and you know Stoogie is going to want to see pictures of you in Daisy Dukes now....

Perfectly Shelly said...

The wallpaper is pristine, as is the green tile, and the emerald green carpent in the master bedroom.

The only surface that is marred is the linoleum that runs through the laundry/mud room. The sub-floor nails are rusting underneath leaving rusty spots showing thru the flooring. However, there are no damaged place.

I imaging it will be slow going to remodel/paint.

As far as me in Daisy Dukes? *snort* I'm nearly CERTAIN they don't come in my size!