Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ch Ch Ch Changes

Turn and face the strange………..

It has recently come to my attention that I do not like change. Hm. How could I have gone SO MANY YEARS and not figured it out before now?

I tout myself as being free wheeling…….spur of the moment……….roll with the punches kind of person. And in many ways, I am. But true CHANGE isn’t settling well with me. Lifestyle changes. Relationship changes. BIG things.

I guess I consider my life to be warm and fuzzy. A comfy blanket that I can keep wrapped around me for security. And suddenly, the blanket needs to be washed, and I’m WITH OUT IT for a while…..and when it comes back, it smells different.

Now, this whole realization has STOMPED on my already trampled world. And I think I don’t like it. I should be able to adapt to anything. To gracefully accept what comes my way. I can’t BELIEVE that I thought I already mastered this. Change is ROCKING MY WORLD, people. And it’s not pretty.

Obviously, I have hinted at some things today and in earlier posts, which I STILL cannot discuss, *sigh* But the really sad part of it all is that some of the change in my life IS NOT BAD. It is GOOD!! But it’s change….and it triggers my anxiety like NOBODY’S business. I hate it.

I like the things in my life to be constant. I didn’t like the NCAA tournament messing with my TV schedule. Same with breaking news and weather reports; I don’t LIKE that my kids won’t listen to me anymore. That they have to make their own decisions and fail if necessary; I don’t like things not going my way! There. I said it. I am a big baby brat.

But one of the BIGGEST changes that freaks me out is realizing that I don’t DEAL WELL WITH CHANGE. I’ shocked, dismayed and embarrassed! I thought I did! Oh…..I also like to be right. A lot. I go to great lengths to assure that I am right when I feel the need. Again…not a very becoming characteristic.

So, Internet….I have a new self help project. DEAL WITH CHANGE! Happily! Gracefully!

Who’s taking bets on when my next meltdown will be? Does the Kitty get split with me?

Happy Thursday---this is my Friday as I’m off work tomorrow!! A 3 day weekend!! And one not without controversy, either. Read the Missouri news…..we are off for Harry S. Truman’s BIRTHDAY….and due to budgetary issues, people are up in arms….lots of commenting on news stories in the papers, etc.

The holiday is being removed from our official holiday rosters next year because of budget cuts……but there are lots of ‘for’ and ‘against’ us taking it this year.

So, Happy end of the week !!


Kate said...

I despise change. I like my ROUTINES and I like things to be PREDICTABLE. And well? That's just how it is. I will never be good at it. Better at accepting it, but never good at it.

Daisee579 said...

I say I'm all flexible and go with the flow-y, but really, I like predictability and the same. I like being a little bit in a rut. It's comforting, and I know I don't forget to do things that way. Just don't tell anyone!

I hope things smooth out for you soon! I'll be thinking of you in the meantime :)

Dingo said...

Now I can't get that song out of my head -- not that that's a bad thing but it can be kinda distracting when I'm humming it while someone is talking to me.

You do know that Project Change means that there is going to be A LOT of change coming your way. Good luck with everything.

stoogepie said...

But... but... but you can count on change. Change is inevitable. In fact, change is the only constant in our lives.

Change is so constant that, if you find something you have always done one way and you can keep doing it that way, you have probably been doing it wrong all along.

So, you're fighting the good fight. Keep going! Don't just deal with change, invite your future over and kick it until it bends like a pretzel.