Friday, June 4, 2010

I AM a winner!

Guess what you guys? I WON SOMETHING. I entered a contest HERE and was the winner of some AWESOME Rachel Ray casserole dishes.

I read her site today (I was a bit behind) and saw my name!! As the WINNER!! She said that I would get an e-mail...which of course I didn't she re-sent it, and out of the TONS of junk mail I get, I actually remember seeing her name...with the subject of YOU HAVE WON or something to that effect. I get so much junk mail from girl on girl websites, payday loans,etc, that when I saw a 'girl' name with that as the subject, I figured it was porn.....or a loan......

hahaha...the joke was on was LEGIT!

So, I sent her a rambling note back referring to lesbian pay day loan sites (jokingly, of course), and now worry that I've offended. Cause y'all KNOW around here, the gays and lesbians are a facinating topic for a good way, not a judgemental petty way. LOVE THE GAYS!!

So, I'm a bit blue because none of my buddies want to hang out tonight. There's a 'foam party' at one of the clubs at the Lake tonight. Yes...I know I'm old....and fat....which makes me NOT a candidate for one of these places, but it would be so fun to go watch........just to SEE what it's all about!'

OH...speaking of the Lake of the Ozarks...Son #1 got a MAYBE job there....a PROBABLY JOB?? a a fry/grill cook. Keep your fingers crossed that it will really happen. They said they'd call him this weekend after the schedule was made, but no words of 'you are hired' were uttered, so it PROBABLY is okay, but I still worry. It's an ON THE WATER dance club.......meaning they have the dance floor and club out by the lake (I assume) what a fun place for an almost 20 yr old to work, huh? I hope it works for him.

Son #2 is at the MIZZOU football camp...and Mr. P is going up to shoot photos. So I'm on my kids....and apparently NO FRIENDS!!! I'm looking for someone to go to the ANIMAL SWAP MEET with me. It's a weird mix of people, animals, and junk that people sit around and sell...or swap......some of the folk are quite a site. Different than the folk in my world!! It's quite the people watching experience..for sure!

We've not solved our dog containment issue on the farm yet. We need an undergound fence...which aren't terribly expensive. HOWEVER the collars are OUTRAGEOUSLY up to $129.99 each!! Even though the systems come with one included, we still need to buy 2 more compatible collars.....and it's expensive! They've been pretty good. We take them out on a leash (which they hate) and sometimes just let them out with us in the yard watching. KNOCK ON WOOD this has worked well for now. No darting off after Cows or Cats, yet. Actually, I don't think they've SEEN any the jury is still out as to how this will work if/when they catch site of one. One that isn't their inside cat!! And, if we can sneak them out one by works even better, because they THINK they are getting something special!

Well, I'm out of here. Thanks SARAH for having the contest!! And wish son #1 luck with his nightclub cook job! God, I hope he gets it!!

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