Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Now accepting donations!


Son #1 got word today that he's OFF THE WAITING LIST for a dorm room. HE GOT ONE!!!!

I couldn't be happier! Seriously!! He wants an apartment SO BADLY that he can't even stand it. I guess an 'apartment' sounds far more grown up, huh? But, Mom wanted a dorm room. It's cheaper, it's got some security and some basic rules to follow.

And, you know what one of the BEST THINGS about the dorm is? Huh, Internets? FREE LAUNDRY!!!!!!!!!!!! Have any of you ever heard of FREE LAUNDRY in a dorm? It's a new fancy set of washers and dryers that all the boys on their floor share. All 12 of them (or however many are on a floor). And there are 4 boys to 1 bathroom. SWEET. Only 4 pee splatters to deal with rather than 24.

OH...OH....OH.....and a big deck looking over some woods for gatherings and an air hockey table, stove and fridge in the commons......OH AND FREE WI-FI, AND/OR INTERNET ROOM HOOK UP!! paying for DSL!!

Yes, it's a small dorm....only 24 men and 30 women (good odds, there, boys!!). It's a COMMUNITY COLLEGE, so having dorms at all is a dream for a parent.

Son #1 is pretty ticked that I won't consider an apartment now that the dorm situation has opened up. But he'll survive. He'll get a taste of the 'real' college experience.

Now, that means paying for said dorm room. At community college, things are way less expensive than University life, BUT it still costs.

And their meal plan is less than stellar. Monday thru Friday....Breakfast and Lunch ONLY. $600 a semester. Ouch.

Oh, Internets...I am so happy. Things have been so....difficult...with son #1 lately this is a breath of fresh air. A worry no more. A safe/monitored place to live.

Oh...then he asked to go to a strip club tonight. OY!! Hold me, please.

Congratulations to Crissy....she had TACO!! woo HOO.

Let me know if you need my address for donations.



MsDarkstar said...

Having had the apartment during college experience (rather than the dorm experience) I really think the dorm is the way to go until you can handle working (to pay for an apartment, food, books, etc). Not saying that you don't have to pay for that in a dorm but I believe you don't have to pay separate electric, etc. in a dorm.

The goal here is an education so that you can get a JOB and afford the place you WANT to live.

But what do I know? I'm ancient!

Daisee579 said...

I went to a 4-yr college and lived in the dorm for 1.5 years. I moved off campus for a year. I then returned - they had these student apartments. They were paid for like the dorms (one payment at the beginning of semester) and included everything like the dorms. The same rules, but enforcement was a bit more relaxed. I liked the hybrid student apartments much better than the traditional dorm room or the off-campus apartment.

Darkstar is right - apartments are fine if you know you can handle the balance of monthly bills along with school responsibilities. It's why I liked the hybrid - I felt some freedom of living off campus without the bad parts of living off campus.

I think you're on the right track by requesting him live on campus at least one year. It's an easy way to make friends too!