Monday, June 8, 2009


I am sick, Internet. I expect a great deal of sympathy and well wishes. I don’t do sick well. Really, I don’t. Ask Mr. Perfectly. He’ll tell you.

I have bronchitis. And fluid behind my ears, and according to the Nurse Practitioner, ALLLLOOOTTTT of drainage running down the back of my throat. I knew you’d want to know that. So you can feel SORRY for me, and not to think to yourself ‘ewwwwww’.
I am coughing and crackling in my chest. I don’t like to crackle in my chest. It keeps me awake. I can hear myself crackling, and it’s a) disgusting, and b) NOISY. She put me on a steroid pack. Apparently, according to my co-workers who are, like me, trained in family medicine, I won’t sleep for the next week, and I’ll eat everything for the next week. The eating thing? Not new for me, but the SLEEPING thing? Yeah. I like my sleep. I do not like to be interrupted from said sleep. So what is one to do? Crackle all night long and cough like your 65 year old Uncle that smokes cigars? Or take the steroids and not sleep. And eat.

Speaking of eating, we are having hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner tonight. From the grill. I do enjoy a grilled hot dog……..and even a burger on occasion. I’m really not a huge beef fan….or a pork fan for that matter. If I do eat a burger, I do not like the uber thick ones. It needs to be thin. As thin as possible. I like the middle to be barely pink, and the outside sort of charred and crispy. I know, I don’t ask for much in particular in the preparation of my food, huh?

Son #2’s new girlfriend is coming over for dinner tonight, so yippee. I can cough it up in front of her, too.

I spent a lazy weekend alternating between dozing in my chair and hacking up a lung. I’m certain I was pleasant to be around.

Well, since I’m not doing anything other than complain, I’ll let you off the hook in reading about my misery, and trying to be empathetic (if you are’T’ FAKE IT!!).

Toodles for now.


MsDarkstar said...

Oh Girrrlll... You need some nice lemon tea with honey.

Or you could be like me when I get sick and just go sit in the bathtub (WITH WATER!) and then when you cough the water sloshes out of the tub and... yeah... then you gotta clean water off the floor when you don't feel good to start with. But if you just stay in the tube and just keep draining and filling with more hot water... (It's not a perfect plan, it's just what I do)

Hope you feel better soon.

Try not to cough up a lung directly ON the girlfriend. At that age they take it as some sort of editorial comment on their relationship with your son...

Get Well Soon!

Perfectly Shelly said...

Oh, I knew SOMEONE would feel sorry for me!!!

I can't do the tub thing issues......our tub just doesn't drain well from a does just fine with a shower....must be something with the pressure, or excess water...who knows.

But, since it is grilling, all I need to do is soak some ears of corn in a sink of water, and sit. Mr. P will grill. YIPPEE!!

Daisee579 said...

I'm glad Mr. P will grill for you tonight and you can be lazy when you get home. I hate it when I'm sick because my mister doesn't like to take care of me and I want to be babied!! When he's sick he likes to be left alone - he assumes I'm the same way. So I try to care for/baby him and get yelled at when he's sick and then when I'm sick I yell because no one will take care of me. I guess I'm a lot of fun to be around when I'm sick too. LOL

I hope you feel better soon!!

Dingo said...

Shelllleyyyy! Chest crackling is bad, unless it's because Snickers wrappers have somehow fallen down your blouse. I hope you feel better. Because, well, I just want you to feel better but also because I want you to dish about the girlfriend.