Thursday, December 18, 2008

Santa Baby.......

I don’t want a sable under the tree. What I’ve decided I really want is a new stove. One with a flat/glass/porcelain or WHATEVER top (it must have a black oven door since our new microwave is black). Internet, I am not a good housekeeper, and I am TI-RED of my stove looking like it was delivered from the bowels of hell. Yeah, Yeah, I know. Keep it clean, Perfectly, and it WOULDN’T LOOK LIKE THAT, right? Easier said than done. I have all these good intentions of washing out the drip trays every evening, and pulling knobs off every few days, and even working on the smoodge that gets on the side of the stove---between the stove and the cabinet? But it never seems to work out that I get that sort of thing done.

I also want Santa to bring me new bathroom flooring, and a new bathroom tub wall surround---a FANCY one that matches the NEW FLOORING!!! There’s one of these commercial chain places at our mall that has what new tub surrounds can LOOK LIKE and let me tell you-----I WANT ONE. Our house is older and actually, believe it or not, I really love our little bathroom….the sink, toilet and tub are all gray----kind of retro-ish (thank you to the previous owners for not putting in turquoise or pink or something)….gray is so interesting compared to white. And they make this marble looking stuff that you plaster on the walls and it has built in soap holders and stuff!!!! IT WOULD MATCH MY TUB!! I do have a requirement of the new bathroom flooring, though. It must be self cleaning. Like the oven I want.

**SPOILER ALERT** SPOILER ALERT** If you are my secret Santa and read my blog……STOP NOW….WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW TO FINISH……..please?

The rest of you, please continue, and we apologize for the interruption in regularly scheduled blogging.

At work we are having our ‘Secret Santa’ this week. I wanted to do it. No body else seemed as enchanted as I did about it, but, still, there are 6 of us doing it , and it’s FUN!! It’s fun going to my little cubby set up JUST FOR SANTA and finding trinkets there EVERY DAY! I think someone should give me stuff daily FOREVER---not just the week before Christmas. So far, I’ve received a votive holder with a soy votive candle (Plumeria, I believe), 2 packages of my FAVORITE coffee cookies (Hit Biscuits----go back into the depths of the archives, people….I’ve covered my love of these tasty little treats). And yesterday, I got a note pad with a little magnet---WITH A DACHSHUND on it. JUST LIKE MY BABY PUPPY, DEX!!

So, my Santa is thoughtful and is giving me things she knows I will like. I really appreciate that. The thought process is very sweet----so of course THAT leads me to believe I’ve figured out who it is. And here’s the kicker………I am HER secret Santa……and I’ve been working my rear off to provide her with little gifts that I think SHE will appreciate. Such as bath & body works hand sanitizer---because, like me, she’s mildly germaphobic and a book about Chinese New Year (since her daughters are from China). I got her a miniature snow globe with her name on it, I got her a cake plate….literally---a plate in the shape of a piece of cake (she decorates cakes!!---cute idea, huh??)…today she’s getting a $5 gift card to a coffee place that she likes to take her girls---and tomorrow? That’s the Piece de resistance (sorry, I don’t know how to get those little marks over the letters……..). IT’S A RICK SPRINGFIELD Christmas CD. In high school she ADORED Rick Springfield……..and when I saw the Christmas CD, I knew it HAD to be one of her gifts. Please don’t let her read this blog…PLEASE DON’T LET HER READ IT……..

Now, see? I tried to be personal and thoughtful as well. We compliment one another regarding gift giving. Now if she’d only shove that stove I want into my little Secret Santa cubby---it would be PERFECT.

Okay---that’s it for now.

Enjoy this rainy (at least in Missouri) Thursday----let’s hope it only rains and doesn’t freeze.



Dingo said...

Two things:

One, if you ever wash out the drip trays every evening, and pull knobs off every few days, or even work on the smoodge that gets on the side of the stove---between the stove and the cabinet we can no longer be friends. That level of cleanliness is a sign of mental instability.

And two, Jesse's Girl is my ringtone because no one loves Dr. Noah Drake as much as I love Dr. Noah Drake.

Perfectly Shelly said...

Dingo--No worries...we'll be friends for a LLLOOONNNNGGG time if my housekeeping skills are a measure.....'cause I suck at it.

I was never a Rick Springfield fan. Don't know why. I suspect it has something to do with Duran Duran or something equally 80's ish. Or maybe boys....could've been regular boys were more appealing than so-so singer boys (no offense to the good Doctor, of course).

Kristen said...

My mother is that clean. Her house is totally bag of crazy kind of clean.


She loves to come and "help" me clean my house while I take a nap and then my house is bag of crazy clean too.

It's rawther nice, actually, just as long as you don't have to do it yourself.

Daisee579 said...

I want to borrow Crissy's mom. I suddenly have family coming in for the holidays next week and up to now have been content to live in the pig sty I call home. I can't even figure out how to work my self-cleaning oven. Which says DO NOT USE products on it. So now I just have lots of little burned things in my oven. Not the most attractive in which to cook turkey next week.