Monday, December 22, 2008


I’ve been told at times in my life that I have nice eyes. Dingo has recently told me that I have nice skin (maybe Dingo needs cheater glasses, because, I think my skin is not so pretty). I’ve also been told I have a nice smile (that is what people tell you when they don’t want to have to say you are pretty overall……..I know the rules…..)

Anyway, my sons have stunning eyes. I’d like to think it’s all because of me, but since my husband has beautiful blue eyes, I can’t take ALL the credit. My eyes vary in color. Between blue, blue/green, and even sometimes green---but mostly blue and blue/green.

Anyway, it was family picture time (ahem, a little late this year). We like to take photos and have them made into Christmas cards.

This was on Saturday, and it was BITTERLY cold—we decided to go to the Capital Building (which is common for us…it’s one of Mr. Perfectly’s favorite photography places). I shopped in the a.m. with my Daddy, and we all (all being me, Mr. P, son #2, Heather (my niece), and Maddison (my great niece) went to lunch.

I raced home to get ready for pictures. We were going to be all matching in white shirts and jeans (original, I know). I applied the makeup a little heavier than normal, and tried to accentuate the eyes……I was going for Avril Lavigne---with eyes all smokey and dark? Yeah, not so much.

My eyes look all small and squinty—and my MOUTH? It’s lopsided!!!! The photo session was fun and relaxed, so why do I look like a) a fat, squinty elf, and b) OLD. I look old.

I tried to leave my hair curly—and I look like an OLD wire haired terrier. With squinty eyes and a lopsided smile.

But, since that’s the only photo session we had, here you go. Oh, take a look at Heather and Maddie. GORGEOUS…..STUNNING…..BEAUTIFUL. Seriously.

This is my favorite---too bad Mr.Perfectly isn't in the picture.

See? The boys look handsome, EVERYONE looks good, but me. I know it's easy to be self critical, but I feel like this isn't REPRESENTATIVE of me......I am NOT OLD. Do you hear me, Internet? NOT OLD.

So, why do I LOOK old and shiny and squinty? year, I'll go for Marilyn Monroe or something. Avril didn't quite do it for me this year.

Toodles for now. Happy Monday.


Kristen said...

You look wonderful!!!!

And healthy and happy.

Fabulous pictures.

Perfectly Shelly said...

Kristen--awww, you are sweet. I am still maintaining squinty, though. SQUUUIIIINNNTTTYYY.

Daisee579 said...

I'm with Crissy, you look fabulous! You have a beautiful family. I also like the one of just you and the boys - it seems relaxed and fun.

We all tend to be self-critical. I keep looking at this picture of my and my hubby when we first started dating. We look so cute and happy. Then I see one of us from about 2 years ago and he still looks cute and happy and I look fat and bloaty and just yuk. I don't know what happened!!

Dingo said...

What?! You didn't include Dex in the photoshoot? What kind of doggie mama are you?

BTW, I think you look fantastic. What's your problem?

Perfectly Shelly said...

Daisee--I want to SEE your pictures.......I want a face with the name!! E-mail me one since you don't blog!!!

Dingo--Dex? I felt guilty because the Beasty Boys (Buster and Copper) wouldn't co-operate and play nicey-nice. Also, the Capitol Police frown upon herds of Dogs entering the building. I don'g know WHY...

lastly--to everyone..I've read this post like a gazillion times today---and I sound like the insecure Perfectly that I'm not fond of. I truly TRULY wasn't looking for re-assurance...I was just so surprised when I looked different than I wanted to......and in verbalizing it, it sounded all whiny and freaky like I know (and YOU do too!!) I can get.......

So,thanks for the kind words, and Sorry for wigging out on y'all!!

Daisee579 said...

I guess I'm retarded, because I can't figure out how to email you - where's your email address??

I'm having a shit kind of day and it's only 7:52am. What the hell does that mean for the rest of the day???

Perfectly Shelly said...

Daisee---I'M the one with issues, I guess....I don't think I've put an address in my profile.......

Let me think about this for a sec.....I'll be back with a comment when I figure out what and how to do this......I'm computer illiterate.....

stoogepie said...

Mwahaha! Now I have your email! I will now commence sending you emails from disgruntled eBay buyers and ads for penis enlargers. Or maybe emails from disgruntled penis enlarger buyers on eBay.

Hey, what's your problem? You look beautiful in those pictures.

But why is the color so different between the second and third pictures?

I like the third one best, too, but you look good in all of them. The light is a lot more rich and soft in that third shot, so everybody looks too bright and shiny in most of the others. And there is something artistically shallow about a starkly lit collection of shiny, luminescent white people wearing white. Next time, go for edgy and, if you're going to starkly light the shot, make everyone hold a white bread sandwich in one hand and a big white life-like dildo in the other. That will make it art.

You have to build a picture in your mind.

Anyways, you look awesome.

Now, let the spam begin.

Perfectly Shelly said...

STOOGIE!!!'s ABOUT TIME you came back. I was worried that my failure to send you your package made you mad at me. by the way--it's still in my living room awaiting its journey to you. But NOW you'll get a Christmas card as well. But, it'll be late. You know, since it IS the 23rd and all.

Okay--the lighting is different is flash....the more golden photos are without flash and slower shutter speed (I think.....) and the bright shiny ones are with flash.

And um, Stoogie? You already know my name, my address and at least my husband's getting my email address isn't much of a coup for you......

XXOO to you!! I'm so glad you came back for a visit. I missed you.