Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's a bad, bad day

Okay, friends, I’m counting on YOU to help bring me out of my funk today. Home is fine, work is fine….well fine as work can be…..and I’m STILL in a funk. I feel moody, weepy and ANGRY (I wish I had Crissy’s WII boxing……..)

I don’t like to be like this. I like the happy Perfectly. The one who is happy with her life and isn’t upset over absolutely NOTHING. I mean I may get ocd about things, and I may stalk my friends in hopes of spending time with them, but generally, I am quite content. Today, however, I am mysteriously angst ridden.

I have worried about Christmas, visiting my Mom and Grandma, visiting my cute cousin’s house after Christmas, not having my decorations out yet, my weight, my trouser socks fitting too tight at the top—and it’s NOT FAIR. I’ve worried if my friends like me, if my INTERNET friends like me and what in the hell will we have for dinner? What if my kids hate me? Will they need THERAPY for the rest of their lives because of me? What about the Christmas Secret Santa here at work? Will the new carpet installation and our area being scattered about the Department wreak havoc on THAT plan? What if the recipient of my Secret Santa stuff HATES it? She always hates her office gifts……..I can’t spend a ton of money---it’s secret Santa for heavens sakes…..5 days of gift giving……but I want to be CUTE and CREATIVE.

See Internets? JUST SEE WHAT MY BRAIN DOES TO ME IN A FIT OF WORRY? I’ll fess up about something. I’ve never told people about this because of the ‘stigma’. I started taking prozac last February. I was prescribed it for some PMS symptoms (remember my near tears over getting a cheese dog instead of a regular hot dog October 2007??). The drug name used specifically for PMS is called ‘ Sarafem’, but because it’s nothing else but prozac, my Dr. just gave me the prozac so I could get the generic savings.

OMG…has it done wonders. Do you all hear me obsess NEARLY as much about my appearance and weight issues? Huh? Do you? I mean, I do mention it occasionally, but if you look at my blog at the beginning half compared to the more current stuff….you’ll see. I’m not nearly as insecure feeling (a lot of the time), and I don’t get hysterical about crap like I mentioned above.

SO WHY AM I HYSTERICAL today? Must be some major pms hormones raging because man…….the prozac isn’t DEALING WITH IT. I have noticed that once in a blue moon I still get weird, so I guess it’s better than doing it every month…..but lordy be, Internets!! Today is like a blazing reminder of what my mind used to do to me all the time!!

So, where do YOU fit in? It’s been deemed (by me) YOUR JOB TODAY to make me smile. Cheer me up. Yeah, I know…it’s nobody’s job to make me happy but me. I get it you armchair Dr. Phil’s out there, but DAMNIT…today it’s ALL ABOUT ME and WHAT I WANT!!

So, I hereby want all your funny—I want all your charm---and hearing how much you all LUUUVVVV me today. Pass it along to your other blog friends that don’t know me and MAKE THEM LOVE ME, TOO!!

Got it? You all have your assignment? Good. Multiple comments from the same people will be happily accepted.

Go forth and bring the happy, people. I’ll be waiting.


Kristen said...

I would love to be funny for you today but right now my daugther is shoving a train whistle in my face and trying to make me blow it. She has her recorder out and apparently, we're going to do a duet.

I'll try to come back in a few.

Kristen said...

And now the dog is cowering under my desk.

Apparently, we don't make a very good train whistle/recorder team.

ken said...

turn that frown up side down!

whenever i get in this kind of state, i grab whatever recreational drugs i have hanging around, and go on a little mind trip.

combining that with some sort of creative outlet really works wonders. grabbing a camera and taking some pictures, writing a poem or a short story, drawing, painting, landscaping, rearranging the room.. as long as you're doing something that takes some art and creativity it doesn't matter which.

raunchy sex also works well. push your boundaries, a little or a lot.

on a personal note, you're a sweetheart, shelly. keep your chin up--it's the holiday season, so no wonder people are a bit wound up and high strung. you should know by now that i'm not a big blog commenter, but you managed to draw one out of me.. lol!


Perfectly Shelly said...

Crissy and Pimp--wow you guys are FAST!! Pimpster? You got me at 'turn that frown upside down'!! You'll get Mr. Perfectly with the rauncy sex.

Crissy? Your dog doesn't know good music when she hears it. I bet you and the GF are AWESOME.
What???? Oh, no, thanks.....we dont' need video to prove it.....really!! I just know in my heart it's true!!!

MsDarkstar said...

I traipsed over from Crissyspage. Today's entry is the first I've read of your blog but now I have a second mission (other than cheering you up) which is to go and read your blog posts.

So, thing number one to be happy about... you have a new reader!

Secondly, surf the net for videos of cute pandas. I mean, who can be sad watching PANDAS? Here... URL to cute pandas:

Lastly (for this comment anyhow), you can always look at Girlfriend posts on Crissyspage. They always make ME smile.

Hope this helps!

Perfectly Shelly said...

MsDarkstar! Yeah! A new reader! Whoopie!!

Welcome to my little blog. It's pretty dull compared to some of my blog buddies, but please, feel free to READ AWAY!!!

I am NOT a bath person. Although I am THRILLED that someone wants to send me something. THRILLED BEYOND WORDS........that made my DAY!!

But I have to ask, what is a bath bomb? Is it one of those fizzy things? I'd be interested to know and to see how you make them. That'd make a GREAT secret Santa gift! (wiggles eyebrows up and down in glee).

MsDarkstar said...

Bath Bombs are the fizzy thingies. Most of the time they are about the size of a softball. Yes, they would probably make LOVELY secret santa gifts.

I will let you know how my first batch goes (I am thinking I'll get to them early next week..)

I'm reading your past entries. Love that the F-I-L was packin' heat at dinner! Good times!

MsDarkstar said...

So, I just read your post about wine and I'm with you 100%.

I recently went to CA to visit and stayed with a wine snob and had dinner with her and her BF (who about died when I ordered a soda at dinner). Of the many, many glasses of wine I ingested on that trip I ENJOYED 2. One was a nice, sweeter Merlot and the other was a Port. The rest? Feh. Awful. But the wine snobs I was with thought the sweet wines were awful. I'll stick to Arbor Mist, Mead and Plum Wine!

Sfreese said...

Well, you can be doubly happy, because I wandered over from Crissy's page too! LOL
If I were you, I'd certainly put a Wii on my Christmas list.
I've been dealing with psycho-brain today too! I'm finishing up final papers and projects for my last semester before I graduate with a bachelors in literature, juggling a PMSing pree-teen and a mouthy six year old daredevil. Oh yeah, and the hubby who is being annoying about hunting and cold feet and not getting a derr and blah blah blah....

Time for a glass of wine and a good smut book!

Kate said...

I take medicine for The Crazy as well and I have for many years now. And you're exactly right, there are some days that it just doesn't seem to be working and you think you're light years behind where you used to be and the world is coming to a fucking end. Yes. Been there.

I blog, I read, I curl up with my cats. I talk incessantly on the phone to whoever will listen and I usually eat lots of carbs. Umm... Carbs. Yummy.

Now, go stuff yourself with pizza and pasta, take a nap and let the rest of the world take care of itself today. That's how it works in my world.

Seriously. The world in my head.

Perfectly Shelly said...

Sfreese!! Welcome!!! I've got an 18 yr old and 15 yr old---both boys, and WHOO DOGGIES Don't let anyone tell you boys are easier......emotional as girls, they just act differently!!!

K8!! Hi!! Where in Des Moines does your grandma live? Mine's in Urbandale---I guess that's west of Des Moines---maybe?

Dingo said...

Actually Shelly, your Internet Friends don't like you either. Mr. Perfectly pays us 25 cents a word to comment. HAHAHAHAHAH! Just kidding!!! Did that make you laugh? Damn, I need to work on my delivery.

Shelly, we love you and you cannot convince me that anyone who meets you isn't just bowled over by your friendliness, your generosity, your caring and compassion. And your great skin! I'm still in awe of your perfect skin. If I didn't like you so much, I'd hate you.

You sound like you and Teenie need to go out for more margaritas and some laughs.

Perfectly Shelly said...

Dingo--Holy Shit, D, you DID crack me up---I was happy even before I read the 'good' stuff!!!!

Mr. P. says thats why we don't have any money!!

Daisee579 said...

Aww, Shells, I'm sorry you were in a bad mood and I wasn't around to help cheer you up. If I was a little more into myself, I'd say I was the reason you were down - since I was gone and all. Currently, I have two cats and at least one dog staring at me and trying to help me type. Perhaps it's dinner time?

And, I'm wondering if I need to get jealous of Ms. Darkstar? I don't have the knowledge or ability to make you bath bombs. And she seems to be a pretty good stalker too. Hmmmm.