Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'll have you in STITCHES!!

Remember the microwave installation? The one I was waiting on so I could ask (politely, of course) Mr. P to put pictures on my profile so I could inundate you all with THANKSGIVING and Misc. photos? Remember? Huh?

Yeah, the Microwave. It didn't work right. It stopped after about 3 minutes. Just QUIT....it wasn't blowing a fuse, and the outlet worked fine...it's like it was overheating or something. Mr. P. was quite frustrated because it took ALOT of effort for him to install it in our very dated kitchen.

He called Tappan (who is also Electrolux---think of me doing a Kelly Ripa with my mouth in perfect 'O' whilst making a variety of food for my family) and they suggested he TAKE THE SUCKER DOWN AND RETURN IT TO LOWE'S. He wasn't happy. Son #2 had a massive migraine yesterday, and because he sometimes gets so bad he doesn't function well.......and we hesitate to leave him when he's got a bad one. So, anyway, Mr. Perfectly stayed home. He began the arduous process of taking out the microwave, packaging it up, and returning it to Lowes. He exchanged it, and brought it home. He began the process of RE-INSTALLING the new microwave.

He figured out what he'd done wrong when installing the FIRST one...and he was really happy to think that maybe this one would work. He put his hand up into the duct work (the vent) to double check stuff and when he pulled his hand out he realized it was BLEEDING.....ALOT.

We took him to the hospital, and this is what he ended up with:

Yummy, right?

The emergency room was FRAUGHT with pukers. And I don't deal well with puking. We tried to avoid the major puke areas, but there were people at EVERY TURN with their heads in basins. I could feel the vomit germs coursing down my esophagus, to infect MY body. It was traumatic---stitches and vomit worries.

Well, I was all set to post about how our office is moving, and it's causing great distress, and then maybe post some photos, but son #2 needs the computer for homework.

Sorry, Internets.........homework trumps blogging........not much trumps my blogger friends, but I have to admit.....homework does.

Toodles for now............I'll post more anxiety ridden stuff later!! Good Times!!


Daisee579 said...

Ouchie!! Sorry that Mr. P. got hurt with the microwave fun times. I hate installing new things like that and usually my husband and I have luck like Mr. P's - it doesn't work, we get hurt, it takes 623492349587234 hours to do, etc.

I hate puke too. Everyone tells me things will change if I have a baby and it's my baby's puke I'll clean up, etc. But I gotta say, I can't even handle cleaning up the dogs/cats puke or poo right now, so I'm not really sure it'll change if I have a kid. Who konws!!

Perfectly Shelly said...

Daisee--okay--the puke thing. I think I only dealt with my kids puke twice in their whole lives.

I don't have a fear of the puke. I mean, puke itself isn't pleasant, but I have such a PHOBIA (a serious problem----) of throwing up MYSELF, that I'm rendered useless around my own family when they get sick. I will let the germs dissipate, then go in with BLEACH AND GLOVES and clean every imaginable surface to rid the bathroom (or whatever area) of germs. I'm obsessive, and I get really weird. This is no joke....you can e-mail Mr. Perfectly and he'll tell you. So will Ph.D and Jakki.

I've often thought about trying to get help for the problem, but that usually involves EXPOSURE therapy using the FEAR itself as a way to get over it....no way am I going to puke to try to get over this.

Alot of people don't like vomit.....they gag and whatnot, but my phobia alters my life at times. When we were at the hospital, I wouldn't sit in the waiting room because there was a poor woman retching over and over into a basin. I felt really bad for her...I do have empathy, but no way in HELL was I going to be in the line of fire for any airborne germs.........blech.

If someone in my family has a stomach illness, I won't eat--because I'm afraid if there is something in my stomach I'll get sick....I ask my doctor every year for compazine or something to relieve nausea should I come down with something.....

I have a real problem. I can hold my kids, and take care of fevers, strep, respitory flu, etc, but not the pukes. I am a total wreck.

Bet you wanted to know all that, huh?

Welcome to my blog and your new friend!! Oh, by the way SHE'S CRAZY!! :)

Daisee579 said...

Shells, it's okay to be crazy. I am too :) I think we all have some level of crazy in us.

I stopped by to tell you that I may not be able to read your blog for the next week or so as I may not have internet access. I didn't want you to freak out if you didn't hear from me :) If I can't find you, please have a great week and I'll see you soon!!!