Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year's Eve!!

Hi, everyone!! Didja miss me? If you didn’t, then LIE, PEOPLE!!!!!

Christmas was nice, but I have to say, I’m glad it’s over. This year I just wasn’t feeling it like normal. Usually I’m ALL ABOUT Christmas, and lights and ornaments, but this year? Nah……it seemed like another day….

So, how was YOUR Christmas? Tell me all about it!!

And after you tell me about Christmas, PLEASE help me decide what some fun plans would be for New Year’s Eve. It’ll be just me, Mr. P, Perfectly’s Dad and Teenie. We aren’t clubbers (even if we were there AREN’T any in my town), so we need some awesome ideas, themes, or ANYTHING else that would be fun to do!!!! Oh, and if you’d like to join us………let me know that too…….you’ll have to get yourself here, and sleep on a hide a bed in a basement…..with dogs and a cat that LOVE new people sleeping where there are normally not people. Oh, and of course I’ll have to screen you through Mr. P. He’s particular about who sees him in his pj pants.

Mr. Perfectly and I have been suffering with some scourge or plague. It’s fraught with snot and sputum and long bouts of coughing. Yeah….now I KNOW you all will want to hang out with us on NYE…….we make one attractive couple!

Well, despite my long absence, I am really out of thoughts for the time being. Soon, I’ll sit down and hit y’all HARD with one of my long drawn out posts about the mundane life I live.

Unless, of course, something more exciting happens in the meantime.

Get me those NEW YEAR’S EVE ideas…..I really need some creative things to impress Teenie with. So far, I’ve come up with NOTHING and would love to show my ‘prowess’ in event planning.

I’ll anxiously await your fabulous Christmas stories and ideas for a NYE soiree!!


Daisee579 said...

I can offer no help in the new year's eve planning department. We can never decide what to do, even when we lived where there were things to do. Since mom is coming this year, we'll most likely sit around watching the ball drop on TV and getting fat from all the crap food I bought.

Also, I saw one of those white trees you wanted this past weekend. I'm glad you didn't get it. The one I saw was all pathetic and looked weird because it was white. Not that yours would have been weird, but maybe it would have been.

Kristen said...

My Christmas was okay but I was really sick so I sort of just went through the motions to survive it. I kind of want a do-over now that I'm not so sick anymore. I'm still all snotty. My daughter had a wonderful day though so that's good. It's really about her anyway.

For New Year's eve because no babysitter in her right mind is available and also because I'm knocked up we will be having lobster and crab and fake champage and falling asleep around 10ish on the couch in our jammies.

I'm pretty excited about it actually. I've done all the other stuff and I'm really over it. Ya know?

Kate said...

Shelly, I totally vote for board games with the family. It's what my friends and I all do - and let me tell you, there's nothing like the character defects that come out when someone's getting shanked in Monopoly!

Daisee579 said...

I have to comment on Crissy's comment - when I lived in Memphis, I belonged to a babysitting type club. Families paid a set fee to basically be guaranteed a sitter whenever. This lady/company head did background checks on all of us sitters and the families. I worked whenever I wanted to and got paid a minimum of $7.50 an hour. THey offered us crazy bonuses for New Year's or Christmas or any of the big holidays and guaranteed us like $12 or $15 an hour to sit. I made some serious cash. That's what Crissy needs.

And I like Kate's idea of board games. That's usually a staple when some combination of us gets together.

MsDarkstar said...

I'd been wondering where you'd gone Ms. Perfectly! Good to have you back with us.

As for NYE...anything that doesn't involve driving on Amateur Night is good since it'd be good to have you and yours with us for 2009.

Could you perhaps come up with a lovely chocolate fondue?

If you are really adventurous (and can still get to the liquor store) you could "drink the rainbow". This involves being able to make a red drink, an orange drink, a yellow drink, a green drink, a blue drink and a purple drink at minimum. You will, of course, not want to drive after drinkin' the rainbow!

Have a fun, safe NYE and look forward to seeing your posts in 2009!