Monday, June 23, 2008


I realize compared to the ‘biggie’ bloggers, my sitemeter reflects a paltry sum of visitors, but WOW……have the international visitors been checking Perfectly out! All (or at least most) are Google-ing stuff about David Beckham’s tattoo! Which is now partially my son’s tattoo.

Who knew?

If only the new visitors will KEEP COMING BACK. My life is so exciting, that I can’t IMAGINE why the reader’s aren’t FLOCKING to my site waiting with bated breath for my next post!!

COMMENT folks! I realize I’ve been lax in my return comments, but with no computer and work filters, I get ‘outed’ every time I go into my acct. to check things!! Once my life and computer are back on track, I promise to try to comment back to y’all!!

Oh…here’s a random question? What does one do when one hears a co-worker FART in the bathroom? A loud, echoing one, then the softer PFFTTTTT. Not that I don’t ‘get it’ a matter of fact, I’m sure I’ve been heard…but we walked in to the bathroom TOGETHER, so she KNEW it was me hearing……..and despite the fact farting belongs in a restroom as opposed to public areas, it still was a bit odd. She’s a major Martha Stewart wanna-be….so the fart coming from her pristine ass was just…….well…..unsettling.

Toodles for now!

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My Life My Life My Life said...

Maybe she WANTED you to hear her...maybe that is her way of saying hey...even I have bad days...or maybe she was letting you know 'hey my shit REALLY doesnt stink'...