Friday, June 13, 2008

Much ado about NOTHING.

I don’t have an exciting life. No beach vacations or fabulous tales to report. No funny stories to re-tell, and for ONCE no beauty disasters.

Our computer is still being fixed by the Best Buy people…….that have to send it OFF to be fixed……that don’t have the parts at BEST BUY to fix it. It’s been a week, and we are all going NUTS.

OH….OH….OH…I’m serving on JURY DUTY. Isn’t THAT exciting? No, REALLY. I think it would be COOL to be on a jury. I haven’t been picked yet (the story of my life), but we’re supposed to have potential trials EVERY DAY next week, so maybe, just maybe.

I’m feeling kind of gross and intrigued by a new breakfast item our cafeteria has begun selling. Jakki told me about it but until today, I hadn’t seen it. Or sampled it. It’s breakfast PIZZA. It has eggs (not my fave), bacon, and maybe cheese, I couldn’t tell for sure, and get this…. GRAVY as the sauce…..white sausage gravy. Doesn’t it make you want to say EWWWWW and MMMMMM all in the same breath? The start of my breakfast pizza experience was lots of MMMMM, but sadly, ended in EWWWWW. I threw the last ¼ of it away. It wasn’t inedible, it was just……….eggy and gravy-ish…I don’t know, but definitely not finish-able………..I think it was the eggs for me….I don’t enjoy eggs much……..and the gravy gave sort of a pizza-esque-ness to it, but it also made the eggs kind of wet………or something. I don’t know. I’m drinking my large coffee now with complete satisfaction.

Teenie tells me that I’m just a wanna-be coffee drinker. I doctor my coffee with creamer and sugar…..I don’t like the uber strong brews of some coffee shops—I like them mild and sweet. I apparently am not woman enough to compete with Teenie’s river bottom sludge that she enjoys as coffee---the kind that makes your hair curl. I don’t do bitter, or strong. I like mild, sweet and milky. MMMMM.

To be perfectly honest, I am not much of a breakfast food enjoyer………I do cold cereal, but the hot, much craved BREAKFAST? I really don’t like it. Pancakes and waffles? Blech…too sweet. Donuts? Same thing…….ick. Eggs? Only on MY terms and the way I want them cooked…whites completely cooked with the yellow runny—and very INFREQUENTLY. Bacon? Meh—it’s ok.. Sausage? Not so much. Toast with butter is fine, but Jelly? No. Too sweet.

How do YOU feel about breakfast? Do you like it? I know, most people LOVE breakfast…and like the breakfast for dinner nights. We don’t have those very often---blech. I just can’t.

I wish I was funny today, but nothing has happened that IS funny…….just the same old stuff……Perfectly’s dad’s birthday is Sunday (happily coinciding with Father’s day). He’s an old fogey and isn’t interested in my plans to EXPLORE Missouri on Saturday in hopes of finding something totally fun and exciting to do. He just thinks that doing necessary FARM WORK is more important than entertaining ME on his birthday/Father’s day weekend. Harrumph. Can you believe the GALL of the man?

Give Perfectly’s Dad a shout out on Sunday----he says he doesn’t care about his birthday, but I know he does………so telepathically send well wishes to make his day! He doesn’t know about my blog, so I can’t tell him about your well wishes, so that is why we need to do it the telepathic way. I wouldn’t want to give up all my secrets to my DADDY.

Happy weekend. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to be funny again on my OWN computer and not keep looking over my shoulder hoping nobody is ON TO ME at work.

Oh, another thing…I’ve not seen any ARTWORK…..come on folks come thru for Perfectly…….I need those tattoo ideas!



Kristen said...

I am a salty breakfast kind of girl. I don't really like waffles or pancakes or jelly either. I usually have one fried egg and one slice of whole wheat toast with butter and a v-8 juice. Either that or Kashi fiber cereal with banana and milk and splenda.

My dad makes breakfast pizza for Christmas morning breakfast but his is really, really good.

Check it out:

boboli whole wheat crust
scrambled eggs
bacon broken up into bits
red onion
sausage if you like it
shredded cheddar cheese

bake until warm.



It's to die for and I always gorge myself on it and then I have to change my pants.

Kristen said...

Ps: you got blogrolled today.