Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Spelling, Tattoos and vacations...OH MY!!

Words I cannot spell (there are more, but I can't think of them)


Ok, I’m putting out the battle cry for tattoo ideas for my 17 yr old son that are not too ornate or creepy…a sleek, modern, male appropriate design is desired. Artwork that my son can claim as his tattoo, without us paying you for it :). (Dan, do you hear my cries? Can’t you help our your wife’s BEST FRIEND in her time of need? You KNOW I’m talking to you. Ph.D……get onto him……the son #1 thought a tattoo designed by your hubby was cool………) Ahem, all hinting aside, if anyone that is artsy and doesn’t mind their work being used as a teen tattoo, send me a note……..with your design…I need fabulous ideas. Oh, and smallish ideas….no more than 2x3 or maybe 3x3. He wants it on his hip/abdomen area….right of the belly button? Just in case someone has a great hip tattoo idea.

Ah, vacation. I need one. I want one. I can’t afford one. Where would YOU go if you could go on a vacation right now? I want to go to Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands or the FL Keys…….Just because we don’t have passports and we can get to the US territories without one (yes, I know the Keys aren’t a US territory, but part of FL). We’ll probably just go to the Lake of the Ozarks and buy fudge and crap on the strip……..again……..or to the Arch…….again. **sigh**

I’d like to go to Savannah GA on a ghost tour or something. St. Louis has the Lemp Mansion, that is supposed to be haunted……..but it’s a hotel, and although I’m interested, I’m NOT staying there all night. I want to continue NOT to believe in ghosts (unless Jay and Grant from Ghost Hunters is around).

Well, I’m off…..off to obsess about the tattoo issue…….I’m having a hard Mommy time with this folks. I watched ‘Intervention’ last night on A & E, and those drug addicted people had tattoos…..they were athletic and fell in with the wrong crowd………..they were “A’ Students until drugs RAVAGED their bodies. See??? Tattoos=biker boy!! (not really---for those of you clean cut types with tattoos, I am generalizing) Ph.D is trying to re-assure me that EVERYONE under the age of 25 has one. The tattoo shop was really nice last week, so I called to obsessively ask more questions today, and didn’t get such a warm fuzzy response………so I’m back to the fretting……..I actually called a 2nd shop, and they choose not to tattoo anyone under 18…..so the ‘rebel’ shop is it, I guess. I suppose the artists may laugh at the elastic jeaned, suburban mom taking pictures to scrapbook of her kid getting a tattoo………I can add it to the nudie tub photos and the Halloween costume, and Santa photos……..”awwww, here’s son #1 getting his TATTOO….isn’t that cute????”

Oh, lordy…I just need to quit THINKING about this.

Help me people!! Diversion!! Humor!! Distraction!! LIQUOR!! Send it ALL!!


My Life My Life My Life said...

I still think that if you dont want him to have it, tell him he cant have it...BUT...I'm sorry Spider couldnt be of service to you. He seemed to be really nice and polite....here's a web page that my niece looks at http://www.checkoutmyink.com/tag/cross...I went to the tatt's of crosses so maybe this site can help. ummm ignore all the piercings, upside down crosses, nudie shots, and the like....ehhhhh maybe you better look at this at home.

Teresa said...

No ideas for the tat since I am totally against them, but did want to let you know that The Lemp Mansion is also a restaurant and they do murder mystery dinners too. It's a cool place to visit and you never know when a ghostie may appear! Check out their website for more info. www.lempmansion.com
It's also next to the Anhueser Busch Brewery which gives free tours with free samples at the end of the tour.

Kristen said...


You're gonna scrapbook it!

That's awesome.

And I am totally with you on the Savannah Georgia ghost tour. That would be so freaking cool!

Kristen said...

And an idea for the tat?

How about a kitten?

Kittens are nice and they're tasteful.