Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday Musings

Don’t let ANYONE tell you that boys are easy. I have a 17 yr old that thinks he’s an adult, and is making reasonable, rational, adult choices. I have a 14 year old that is sweet and easy going until I say he can’t go to his girlfriend’s brother’s house to watch a movie with the girlfriend, the girlfriend’s brother, the girlfriend’s brother’s girlfriend, and the girlfriend’s brother’s girlfriend’s 2 yr old baby. (deep breath, didja get all that??)

He thinks just because he can’t go swimming with his buddies (ahem, the girlfriend will also be at the pool….peculiar, don’t you think???), that he should just be able to go with the girlfriend. He doesn’t understand ‘no’ where she’s concerned. He makes compromises, and deals not to be a brat during subsequent ‘no’ battles, but never follows through. Here are just 2 of the texts I’ve received—they are verbatim, so I take no responsibility for spelling, grammar, or content:

“I haven’t done anything in two days and im askin to do something on a rainy day…please?”

“Why do u even care! I am goin to be home alone all day…doing nothing…let me do something!”

He’s calling me every 5 minutes or so. I’m ignoring him. He doesn’t play nice.

Mr. Perfectly planted a flower garden yesterday. It’s so pretty. We have large flower boxes surrounding our house, but over the years, they’ve deteriorated and look TERRIBLE, and the Perfectly Budget doesn’t allow for major fix ups right now, so hopefully the pretty flowers will DETRACT some from the rotting wood and railroad ties that aspire to be flower boxes.

He also planted me some herbs and 2 sweet bell pepper plants in with my flowers. He planted jalapeno, habanero and another red chile at the OTHER end of the flower/herb/pepper garden for HIM. We’ve heard that if the plants cross pollinate, that my sweet bells could be SPICY…..

I got my eyelashes tinted and eyebrows waxed again this weekend. My girl, Kayla, wasn’t available, so they put me with Liz. While the tint was processing, instead of leaving me, Liz gave me a SCALP MASSAGE. Now, I’m freaky about massages. I get very tense and uncomfortable when getting them, but this….??? This was different. I found my hands tensing somewhat, but the sensation of the massage was too awesome to fret about. I had such a HORRIBLE headache on Friday, and it lingered on Saturday, and the massage on the scalp was like balm to a wound…….I want to go back just for the massage! She didn’t do as well as Kayla does on the lashes…but they are ok…..I’ll take it if I get the scalp massage each time!

Oh wait, here’s another text from the angst ridden 14 yr. old:


*SIGH** argumentative with poor grammar! What else could a mother ask for?

I’m sitting here eating Funyuns (I’ve been on a kick recently) and drinking V8 juice. I’m hoping the good of the V8 will some how counteract the bad of the funyuns. I’m guessing this is just fantasy on my part.

The tattoo situation isn’t resolved. I realized with HORRIFYING clarity that son #1 doesn’t want the cross w/ Angel wings that David Beckham has on his neck…he wants the huge, gaudy ANGEL that DB has sprawled all over his BACK……..YIKES!! It’s really too much….and too ornate to be able to be scaled down in size (which is what he’s banking on, I bet)………OY….I am at a loss for words. What happened to “MOM” in a heart on his upper arm or something? I ‘heart’ mom? Or his initials or SOMETHING not quite so big, and fancy, and angel-like? Or, like Mr. Perfectly quips….he could get the words “your name” tattooed on his butt so sometime when he’s out in a drunken brawl (yes, I’m sure it’ll happen), that he can yell to his opponent “I HAVE YOUR NAME TATTOOED ON MY ASS”, then he’ll be able to prove it…….hahahahaha.

That is typical Mr. Perfectly humor.

I really don’t have much to say—it was a quiet weekend, filled with too much eating, fretting over weather that didn’t happen, and drama filled teens.

I’m so glad to be at work!!

Happy Monday—I’m off to make a dent in the papers on my desk and wield a huge parental sword!!

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