Monday, June 23, 2008


Well, this weekend was a testament to my TOTALLY exciting, OUT OF CONTROL life. We went out to dinner with Son #1 and Perfectly’s dad on Friday night. We had a lovely pasta dinner at a local restaurant that is actually pretty good. For our neck of the woods, that is.

Got up early on Saturday morning and glanced around at the filthy wreck our home has become and sat down to watch Food Network. Rachel Ray was making some sort of Chicken Wellington. Well, I ADORE puff pastry, and began to think about making BEEF wellington (you know, since Perfectly’s dad raises BEEF). Hmmmm

Son #2 needed to mow at Perfectly’s Dad’s house---hereafter knows as “The Farm”. I drove #2 to the farm, and he was all wigged out because the time it takes to mow the yard out there is over 2 hours, and he wanted to do something with his GIRLFRIEND, and this may INTERFERE. I wasn’t going to hang out there, in case Perfectly’s dad got some grand idea of putting ME to work doing something “outdoorsy”. I don’t cope well with sweat, grass, manure and the like. Especially the sweat. EWWW. And believe me, I produce the sweat. I’m a GIRL, and sweat like a giant man…….it’s totally gross.

Anyway, I asked Perfectly’s dad about the beef situation—he’s getting low. He’s taking 2 to be butchered (PETA/animal rights folks BACK OFF) tomorrow. He only had a couple of steaks, and wanted to save those for himself next week for dinner. Regarding his beef. It seems gross to kill a cow and eat it. I don’t deal well with the actuality of this situation, so I, as a carnivore, choose to not THINK about it. My dad’s cows are in a field, eating grass, they have a creek to drink from as well as a source of fresh water from a well…..they are not confined to a ‘lot’ and they are taken care of. In return, my family is eating leaner beef with NO HORMONES and NO ANTIBIOTICS. I would much rather eat beef in this manner than the stuff that comes from the store. Where cruelty and unsanitary conditions exist for mass production of beef. So anyone who is feeling feisty…don’t mess with me. I choose to eat meat, and this means of eating beef is SO MUCH HEALTHIER for us than commercial beef. ‘Nuff said…….

So, I asked Perfectly’s dad to use his internet (since Best Buy still has our computer) to peruse Food Network because I wanted to make Beef Wellington….he immediately said “you watched Rachel Ray this morning, didn’t you?”. I didn’t know whether or not to be more disturbed that he knew me so well, or that HE also watched Rachel Ray……

Speaking of Perfectly’s Dad……I get flak sometimes from people because Mr. Perfectly and I hang out with my dad so much. People think I’m weird. It really PISSES me off, because if it was my MOTHER that I shopped, ate and socialized with, NOBODY would think that is weird….My beautiful mother is in another state. I adore her, and she’s a BLAST to be with, but alas, she’s IN IOWA…..which doesn’t make regular ‘hanging out’ a feasible choice.

So anyway…..I got a lecture from dad that I spend entirely too much money on food and why can’t I be satisfied with just regular plain cooking. I have no answer to this, except plain ole meat and potatoes? Yuk.

I went and hit the internet (and ended up at his house until #2 was done mowing) and found some FABULOUS sounding recipes. It did not include beef wellington. I made THIS and THIS. Both were disappointing. The dumplings? They were good, but not FABULOUS. The chili/butter sauce? Now THAT was fabulous. So was the slaw. The edamame hummus? Meh…..not so great. I love edemame. This recipe sounded PERFECT for a dip whore like myself………and it was ok, but maybe a little bland. I chose to use roasted garlic since garlic in ALL forms stays with me for longer than it should, but RAW garlic is the worst…….maybe that made it milder. Next time, I may throw in a cucumber and more salt and garlic. I just don’t know.

Yesterday, I didn’t get dressed until after noon. I went back to the grocery and got stuff for grilling. Yippee….we had pork steaks, burgers (of the commercial beef……I wasn’t happy about that) and hot dogs (do not ask me why I oppose commercial beef, yet buy hot dogs. I just don’t have a good answer for that).

That, people, is the extent of my exciting life. I bought a new pair of brown capri’s and am wearing the shirt I wore with the Cute Cousins…….It’s a little out of the box for me (at work, that is), so I feel sort of weird, but happy nonetheless.

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