Monday, December 12, 2011

Genius Squelched

So, today I talked to Crissy for a brief moment on facebook. I've been thinking about blogging again, and I was inspired!!

First, some business to attend to: Perfectly's Dad passed in September. I am devastated. He and I were extremely close. He had a stoke, so it was pretty sudden. I got a new job the week after he passed. I realize people are going through worse, so I often feel guilty, but MAN have I been stressed!

Anyway....enough about that.

So, Crissy mentioned her Christmas tree and that nobody understood her vision. And my first blog post in MONTHS came to mind! I totally had the same issue!!!

We have a puny little tree. 6 ft., cost $25, and is sparse. I looked for a new tree, but apparently everyone and their brother buys a Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving! Who knew? All but the ginormous and uber expensive ones were left. I decided to glam up Mr. Puny instead.

I bought bows, birds, and silver thingys to "poke" out of the tree as a topper! I've seen designer trees and thought to myself "I could do THAT"! I was wrong. Apparently, when the designer/creative gene was being handed out, I was off picking my nose, or reading up on Boone's Farm vs. Arbor Mist.

My Step Mother came over and helped (um, basically did the whole thing) decorate my tree. Now it's a beautifully decorated tree that doesn't appear as if it has antennae sticking out of it, as my 8 yr. old great niece thought. Or that it doesn't look like a crown, like my son thought.

My foray into the designer world was no more. I'll stick to other things like coupons and blogging to fill my time. I am not a Designing Woman.......

Toodles for now. Leave a comment if you like. It may encourage me to keep doing this.


MsDarkstar said...

I knew you loved me too much to stay away from the blogosphere! There are DUSTBUNNIES over at my blog because no one comes to read anymore... Still, I soldier on and keep the fires burning so y'all will come back!

Ok, now, business. Sorry to hear about Perfectly's Dad. Mucho congrats on the new job. Hopefully you are happier in the new job.

It's been YEARS since I had a tree at all. I am allergic to pine and artificial trees have never really floated my boat. Plus, I am pretty humbug about the holidays. Comes from growing up with people who fought like cats and dogs from Thanksgiving through New Years.


MsDarkstar said...

Hmmm, I made a comment but your blog ate it...

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!!!!