Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A waste of perfectly good space

I'm at it again. I'm trolling blogs and falling in love with SO many of them. I felt like I didn't pull my weight at work, because I want to know everything about all of these invisible new friends of mine.

I'm sort of finding my voice here in the blogging world. I'm having a BALL with the cutsie titles of my posts, but I'm lacking READERSHIP. I'm lacking FAME and 'OHMYGODICAN'TWAITTOREADHERNEXTPOST'. I'm too chicken to say some of the things I really WANT to say, because, what if? What if my employer reads it and I end up 'Dooced'? What if nobody thinks I'm NEARLY as clever as I do? What if they don't understand my play on words? My sarcasm? What if I identify someone that doesn't want to be identified? What if they think I'm fat and won't like me? What if my MOM reads me writing the 'F' word? She doesn't know I have a blog, so at least at this moment, that's an absolutely irrational fear, but STILL. What if all the English hoity toity people out there find me too feeble to even 'BOTHER' with (said with a snobby elitish accent)?

I want to post with reckless abandon about my children, husband, family and friends, but Mr. Perfectly and Perfectly's Dad always tell me to not TALK so much. To keep things like, oh, EVERYTHING a secret from the world......because they may use against us later on.....I'm supposed to be conservative with my thoughts and not tell all our bizness---I'm supposed to maintain decorum, even when there IS none! I want to gossip about stuff that happens, but what happens when the gossipee reads my blog (that they currently don't know I have)?? I want to shout from the rooftops about political topics, but......I work for State Government, and what if they don't agree? Um.....that's like my job......

Oh how I want to be like you, blog world. Give me a shout now and then and tell me if I'm doing ok.


Gregg said...

I would tell you how you are doing, but I'm just trolling, myself.

Oh, and that whole "I wish I were like you" thing? People tell me that all the time, but thanks!

Daisee579 said...

O.M.G. I know I'm way behind, but I just started stalking you, remember? So I tried to do a blog recently and found myself with these same thoughts!! So I pulled the plug on my blog and that's that. I work for the FEDS, too, not just the state - I totally feel your pain about issues at work. And? I like to pretend I'm friends with the random blogs I find and love :)