Thursday, September 2, 2010


I bought a dress. A DRESS!! A FANCY DRESS!!! Probably a waste of money, because I generally don't wear dresses, let alone a party type dress, but it was TOO CUTE and it was 50% off plus an additional 10% off.....I couldn't resist.

Why, you ask, don't I wear dresses? Well, Internet, let's face some brutal facts. Pantyhose are so OUT, and wearing shorts under a dress is so kindergarten......but being heavy, the thighs sort of rub together. Ugh..I KNOW!! How dare they!! But the rubbing causes near immediate sweating (which CERTAINLY is NOT cute) and the sweating leads to ultimate CHAFING. Neither of which I'm fond of or want to sport while wearing a dress.

So, I've been looking for something to wear under a dress.....something appropriately underwear-ish....and the big girl catalogs they have BLOOMERS!! A girl version of boxers! I couldn't have been MORE EXCITED!! They come in a slip.....which makes it appropriate for under skirt wear....and it elimates the skin touching fat skin, and the solution was FOUND!! So I bought the fancy dress, and the bloomers.

HOWEVER....(isn't there always with Perfectly??) I apparently ordered the wrong thing. I ordered cotton, which isn't slick and silky like nylon, and may not work as well under said dress. Crappity crap. Now I have to send them back....and wait on the nylon ones.

As I just this very moment discovered one style only comes in cotton....duh.....stupid me for not reading. So, I'll keep those, but I'll have to return the others for nylon.

So, I'm being like a guy and wearing a t-shirt and my bloomers around the house! What? It's no different than men's boxers!!

Well, I learned a tequila lesson this past weekend. Remember? I told you I met up with my high school/college friend? Well, I went to her house to a pool party on Saturday. Margarita's and wine in tow.........didn't touch the wine...I wore my new pink swimsuit.....and drank the margarita's. On an empty stomach. In the sun. WOWZA......that was a mistake! I toddled around her yard going to and fro the bathroom I'm sure looking like an ever-loving fool. Luckily Mr. P had chauffered me there, and picked me up, but, Internet? Let me tell you. Tequila is some wicked stuff! I think for a while I'll stick to my wine spritzers and girly type drinks. Whoo Boy! The hard stuff is....well....HARD!!

I found out today that PhD is COMING FOR A VISIT!! what that her family lives here and I have to share her? Who CARES!! PhD IS COMING FOR A VISIT! And her hot husband!! AND her hot husband wouldn't care ONE TINY BIT if I walked around in my bloomers. Now, MY husband, on the other hand may not appreciate it. He doesn't appear anywhere but around me in HIS bloomers. Even though people may not know the difference in shorts and his boxers. AND he won't wear his pajama pants anywhere where people may see him. He's such a prude. Son #1 brought in some dude he works with earlier this week, and I'd done my change into my nightgown, and oh is what it is.........momma in her nightgown.

I made some friend requests on Facebook and so far, all but one HAS ACCEPTED ME! The one who hasn't may not remember me, although he should. He knew me, then he met Mr. P at college, and then I met Mr. P the NEXT year at college, and realized he knew this guy, and we all were I assume he'll remember me, but who knows.

Well, that's about all I've got for now. I really do have drunken photos from the SWIM SUIT shoot of last week......but Mr. P is messing with *sigh* football pictures and hasn't gotten around to putting MY photos in a format that I can get to. Disk. Or email. Or directly in my photos folder. I'll post them someday. Really. I know you are DYING to see what I look like in my suit. GAH! You'll be sorry! or maybe I'LL be sorry!

toodles for now, peeps!!


MsDarkstar said...

Hrrrmmmm... I am not petite but I've worn nothing but dresses or skirts since, ummm.... well let's go with "a long time" and WILL NOT wear the pantyhose (did y'all know that the gals here in the South don't really wear pantyhose? At least not that I've seen...) but maybe you can email me and tell me where y'all found bloomers because they might be handy for something at some point...

Tequila is not my friend. I am fine with the demon rum, but Tequila = no.

daisee579 said...

I cheat and wear spandex shorts sometimes - but don't tell my secret :) I will have to try the bloomers - thanks for sharing!

However, my dear friend, I am moving AGAIN. This time to the cold cold north. I'll probably have to wear things such as tights and pantyhose and thus negating the need for bloomers. Like MsDartkstar, I wear skirts/dresses a lot - more comfortable in the unending heat. I also don't like how I look in pants, but I guess I'll have to get over that in the cold cold north :(