Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Is 5pm too early for wine and putting on my nightgown?

Sooooooo......where the hell have I been? Yeah....about that. We got new security software at work, and can't get to many sites. I'm lazy about going ALL. THE. WAY. TO. THE. OFFICE. to use the computer at home. I didn't like having a computer in the living room at the old house, and now that we are in the bigger, better house, and we have AN OFFICE, I don't like to get up and go to another room to use the computer. I feel isolated, and can't watch my shows. So, I've been self indulgent and lazy and have not blogged. My bad. HOWEVER, today, when it's TOO LATE, I thought of a solution!! Son #1 has a LAPTOP!! And we have WIRELESS!!! Duh! Why haven't I thought of this before??

So, I called him and he doesn't care if I use it, so I get the best of both worlds!! I'm blogging AND watching my re-runs of NCIS. I am 5 years behind, you know.

How are y'all? I've missed you so. My son says he's moving out this weekend to his own place. That means JUST when I've figured out a solution to my surfing/tv issues, he's going to take the solution!! Oh well, I'll use it while I can, and ENJOY IT!!

There's been lots going on........nothing's all been pretty nice. My anniversary was on the 26th......Married to the same fabulous guy for 23 years!! My kids are okay, and the new TV season has begun. We are still going to Hawaii, and can't wait.

I came home this afternoon and made chili. Mr. P wants chili, and when we went to the grocery to buy stuff it was COOOOLLLLDDD.....but today is beautiful. 75 and sunny. My kind of day. Since we live in the middle of nowhere, I threw on my nightgown, and ran around chopping onion, browning burger and pouring wine.

OH!! Ghost Hunters!! They have NEW EPISODES! And tonight they will be investigating the Lemp Mansion in St. Louis! I mean, they've already done it, but the episode airs tonight! This is SO COOL! I've read alot about the Lemp Mansion, and it's scary stuff!! You can stay at the Lemp mansion and I've thought about at least TOURING the place but I'm too much of a chicken. I'm facinated with it, but too chicken to check it out. Therefore, this episode of Ghost Hunters should give me an idea of what's there.

Oh, I made some more Lemoncello!! This stuff is awesome guys. This time, I took half the liquor and made one bottle of Lemoncello and one bottle of GINGER-cello. I steeped fresh ginger in with the everclear and added the simple syrup to round out the recipe, and it's AWESOME!! It's sweet and Gingery!! It' awesome in Lemon flavored sparkling water. I can't wait to try it in other drinks.

My dad seems to be doing beautifully. He's working, driving, running errands! It's so cool! He is happy and looking forward to getting married. IN HAWAII!! OMG.....can you imagine how awesome this will be??

Oh, and it's a disappointing fact that the new season of NCIS and Glee are opposite one another and I don't have a DVR. However, Glee has won out in my choice of tv fare. Despite my unfortunate couple of weeks of medication change induced obsession over Mr. Shuester, I nearly went against the grain and took up NCIS.....but Glee was too appealing. After Glee is a new quirky sit-com tht has me hog tied to the's called "Raising Hope" and either it's the lamest show ever and I'm the lamest middle aged tv addict, OR it's a smart, HILARIOUS comedy about real people in real life. I opt for the latter, because I totally don't want to be lame.

Well, I still have alot rambling around in the dusty cavity that holds my brain, but I suppose I'd better let you guys off the hook and leave my random observations for another day.

Oh, does anyone have any tips for getting a normally litter trained cat to stop peeing everywhere but his box? He poops there, so he OBVIOUSLY knows where it is, but he apparently is having adjustment issues or something. I don't want my new house to reek of CAT!!

Toodles for now. I really missed you guys!!


Kate said...

Full episodes of Glee are posted the VERY NEXT DAY on Just saying...

I don't have a television, so I know these things.

daisee579 said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE GLEE and I LOVE Raising Hope. It makes me laugh so much since I've made some of the same mistakes with my baby :)

Also, the cat. We have a cat who little by little stopped using the litter box. Anxiety seems to be to blame. He will use it if he's locked in a bathroom or kennel with it - well, most of the time as he occasionally misses. The only solution we came up with other than giving away/putting down said cat was puppy pads - those training pads for new puppies? Get the cheaper ones because we go through several a day - sometimes Costco carries them and Kroger had a pack of 100 for 19.99 for a while. For whatever reason, the cat will pee (and sometimes poo) on the pads but not the box. Our dogs don't mess with the pads (I was afraid they'd pee all over them). Might be worth trying since you can buy a smaller amount of pads to give it a whirl. We tried meds for the anxiety, but shoving a pill down his throat wasn't making ANY of us happy and he was just drugged up all the time. That would be another option. Cats just don't adjust to change all that well :(