Thursday, August 12, 2010


I’m sorry I’ve lagged so in my blogging. Things have finally calmed down a bit in the Perfectly world, but I was being lazy. At the farm, our computer is away from the family room, so to have to get up, and go into ANOTHER ROOM to blog just seems like a chore sometimes, so I’ve been putting it off.

But, now that I’m here, I’ve got some REALLY BIG NEWS!! I’m so excited. WE ARE GOING TO HAWAII!! (HI…get it?… title?… says hi, as in hello, and HI as in HAWAII!!!!!). Yes, thanks to Perfectly’s Dad, my family gets to go on a lovely vacation…again! We went to Mexico 6 years ago, and now Hawaii. Oh, did I mention that there will be a tropical wedding? I didn’t? Oh……well, MY DADDY IS GETTING MARRIED!!! IN HAWAII!!!!

He’s been though one of the roughest health crisis’ I could imagine. This was planned pre cardiac arrest, but obviously, with his health in a tenuous balancing act, we didn’t know how it would pan out. But he’s feeling better, and getting stronger every day, and by later this year, he is confident that he’ll be ready to make the long trip to Oahu for a wedding and vacation. The proposal is official, and we’ve even been DRESS SHOPPING!! The girls that are going all get to be dolled up in more formal beachy attire, and they guys will be in khakis and either polos or long sleeve white shirts. Here is my dress. Mind you, it’s a size 22 and maybe I won’t look as awesome as the skinny model, but still…..A LONG DRESS…….oh, click on the color ‘pool’ (like pool blue in the color swatches) and you’ll see what color I chose. Perfect for tropical weddings, I think!! Of course, I’m hung up on my weight and looking like a popsicle instead of a member of a small wedding party, BUT, I’m still excited as all get out to wear a fancy dress. IN HAWAII!!! The other girls all chose chiffon dresses as well…….and the colors are guava, canary, wisteria and watermelon….so we’ll all look similar but different, and have our own tropical colors to brighten it up. Some dresses are short, some are long…..there are only 3 adults and 2 kids with dresses….and of course the BRIDE (her dress.....I have to get permission from her to show her pictures and identify her....she doesn't even know I have a blog)!!

We will go to a nice restaurant on the resort property afterwards, and call it done. I think they want SOME glitz and glamour, but yet quiet and simple, too….so there won’t be any crazy dancing or flowers braided into our hair (although the Hippie in me thinks that would be AWESOME). It’s going to be a totally fun, and exciting day and week!! There will be pictures and I’m sure lavish descriptions. They are getting married at one of the resort wedding venues, and not on the beach, but it OVERLOOKS the beach from what I gather. How exciting is THAT? It will be just family…12 of us, I think, including Dad and Bride……

My brain is spinning from all the excitement of a vacation and the glamour of a beach WEDDING!! I can hardly contain myself.

My 17 yr old son can’t wait to buy a t-shirt that proclaims “I got lei’d”. And my eldest is being a little more reserved on his expression of any excitement. I can’t wait to see the sights and beauty of Hawaii. Of course Mr. P is practically VERKLEMPT at the photo opportunities. Or at least I’d like to think he is. He’s pretty reserved, too. While I’ve been buying travel books and whooping it up, he’s been quietly sitting back and watching me be a fool.

So, there. That’s some GOOD news coming from my world…..compared to the latter half of June and beginning of July, this is AWESOME………

Happy Wednesday……Toodles for now!!


Kate said...

SOOO excited for you! And the dresses! Are amazing! I looooove to dress up! And in Hawaii! And I can't stop with the exclamation points! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Soo exciting Shelly! I am glad you and your family are going to get a chance to relax and enjoy each other in such a beautiful place--you deserve it after what the world has thrown at you this summer. Be sure and drink some fru-fru pineapple drinks for me!


daisee579 said...

I'm so excited and a little jealous! I've never been to Hawaii!! A wedding is such a lovely occasion to go there too :)

Enjoy and congrats to your dad and his bride!!!!!!!!